Asian-Canadian Special Events Association

Founded in March 2004, Asian-Canadian Special Events Association (ACSEA) continues to create sustainable projects in the areas of arts and culture, working with partners across British Columbia, Canada, and internationally following a threefold mandate:

International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational


Asian cuisines are as diverse as the climates and environments of the expansive continent, ranging from rich seafood to crisp vegetarian, and everything in between. Food is perhaps the easiest (and most filling!) way to learn about culture, and the perfect example of cultural dialogues and exchange!

How do I best enjoy TAIWANfest?

How do I best enjoy TAIWANfest

What kind of event is TAIWANfest Canada? Why does Canada even need a TAIWANfest? Two years ago, FairchildTV brought a group of people to attend the festival, and I had the pleasure of being their tour guide through the festival.