Cheryl Robbins


Taiwan - Living Art CHERYL ROBBINS Tour Guide Share with friends A travel author who studies Indigenous culture and is also a cultural guide for Indigenous tribes’ in-depth visits; with a foreigner’s perspective and an enthusiasm for Taiwan, she is Taiwan’s most credible and influential international ambassador. She loves these cultures and found that although … Read more

Kuo Pin Wu

Living Art - 吳國賓

Taiwan - Living Art Kuo Pin Wu Sauce Maker Share with friends The Southern Taiwan Soy Sauce Brand – Wan Feng Soy Sauce. The third generation owner of this business, Kuo Pin Wu possesses a background in technology and data. He returned to his hometown to continue his family’s soy sauce business. He developed his … Read more

Asuka Lee

Living Arts - Asuka Lee

Taiwan - Living Art Asuka Lee Journalist Share with friends Asuka Lee, once a young man who had the passionate dream of becoming a cartoonist, is now the editorial director of Taiwan’s independent media platform Migrant’s Park. By documenting the living conditions of migrant workers and new residents in Taiwan, Asuka voices in Chinese for … Read more

Dr Tse-Yi Wang

Living Art - TSE-YI WANG

Taiwan - Living Art TSE-YI WANG Scientist Share with friends Dr. Tse-Yi Wang has a professional background in financial investment and information engineering. At Mackay Hospital, he has worked on Dr. Ma-li Lin’s team, the mother of blood research in Taiwan, and has developed academic expertise in genetic data analysis and the history of human … Read more

Dr Meng-Chuan Lai

Living Art - Meng-Chuan Lai

Taiwan - Living Art Dr. Meng-Chuan Lai Professor Share with friends A newcomer to Canada with a worldwide perspective, Dr. Meng-Chuan Lai is a clinician scientist at the University of Toronto and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and The Hospital for Sick Children. His observations of the world, layered with insights from his psychiatry … Read more