Great outdoors in B.C. and Taiwan ignite Edward Fu-Chen Juan’s passion for printmaking

Great outdoors in B.C. and Taiwan ignite Edward Fu-Chen Juan's passion for printmaking

Vancouver artist Edward Fu-Chen Juan says most people don’t think of his country of birth, Taiwan, as a land of volcanoes and forests. But on the southern part of the East Asian island nation—where he spent the first nine years of his life—it’s mountainous and full of wildlife. Kind of like Hawaii or Vancouver Island, in some respects, he suggests.

Kuan-Chih Su

Visual Art Artist - Kuan-Chih Su

Taiwan - Visual Art Kuan-Chih Su Artist Share with friends His signature shape is the triangle, and going to space and soaring through the stars is one of his “Mission Impossible”goals. An eccentric, handsome, shy, fun-loving, and pragmatic visual designer who cares for small animals, and loves breakfast stalls in Taiwan… This is his everyday … Read more

Yen-Chun Lu

Visual Art Artist - Yen-Chun Lu

Taiwan - Visual Art Yen-Chun Lu Artist / Foodie Share with friends A professional paper artist, known for her simplified but sophisticated and creative crafts. She recently curated the exhibition to showcase the profound bond between the local farmers in Taiwan and the land itself, as well as the relationship between food and the natural … Read more

Walter Kao

Visual Art Artist - Walter

Taiwan - Visual Art Walter Kao Artist Share with friends A graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design who specializes in animation, loves movies, and is good at storytelling using images; painting is like a bridge that connects his emotions with life, and his artworks are diverse and are full of creativity … Read more

Lady Hao Hao

Visual Art Artist - Lady Hao Hao

Taiwan - Visual Art Lady Hao Hao Artist Share with friends A Taiwanese artist who immigrated to Canada during her high school years, but as she wasn’t allowed to draw or paint in Canada, she soon returned to Taiwan to pursue those desires. After she graduated from university in Taiwan, she returned to Canada to … Read more

Jessica Sung

Visual Art Artist - Jessica Sung

Taiwan - Visual Art Jessica Sung Artist / Curator Share With Friends Participating in the 2010 Winter Olympic arts event, her creation, the Lantern Forest, lightened the streets of downtown Vancouver.  The tree trunks were made of iron, and the leaves were formed by handmade lanterns created by children from both Taiwan and Canada.  Later … Read more

Hsin Fu Hung

Visual Art Artist - Hsin Fu Hung 洪新富

Taiwan - Visual Art Hsin Fu Hung Paper Artist Share with friends Hsin Fu Hung is a Paper Sculpture Artist who creates, teaches, writes and promotes paper art. Through his craft, a piece of paper can be transformed into a vivid creature. He excels in exploring Taiwan’s unique ecology system to create paper art that … Read more

Hsien-ling Yin

Visual Art Artist - Hsien-ling Yin 尹顯玲

Taiwan - Visual Art Hsien-ling Yin  Photographer Share with friends Abby hiked in Nepal several years ago.  She heard many stories.  She then thought that the island where she was born must have had many great stories, and so she began her hiking journey. When walking in the mountains, everything becomes so simple and intuitional.  … Read more

Hsiao-Hsia Pan

Visual Art Artist - Hsiao-Hsia Pan 潘小俠

Taiwan - Visual Art Hsiao-Hsia Pan Photographer Share with friends He photographs the land and society in Taiwan.  He is a photographer, as well as a filmmaker.  He is also an eagle who wanders and flies low over Taiwanese society. Born in Taipei in 1954, PAN has worked as a photographer for more than 30 … Read more

Dumas Temu

Visual Art Artist - Dumas Temu

Taiwan - Visual Art Dumas Temu  / Yueh-Nung Huang Photographer Share with friends An Atayal from Tbulan Tribe in Taichung, Taiwan, Dumas Temu graduated from Central Police University.  He has 7 years experience as a police officer, and he now works in the graphic imaging field.  He wants to use images to tell great stories … Read more